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Tiny Blog Announcement

I returned from my vacation a couple days ago, however I’ll have another one coming up shortly.

A lot of work has been done on various games! But no updates yet.

However, the blog itself has had a makeover. I’m really excited about it so please take a look.

Thank you for reading!

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Just a quick 1 hour drawing/sketch of Vice. :3 
Patiently awaiting for a new version of Fleshchild to come out! 

Thank you very much April! It’s a wonderful piece of art, thank you. :]


Just a quick 1 hour drawing/sketch of Vice. :3 

Patiently awaiting for a new version of Fleshchild to come out! 

Thank you very much April! It’s a wonderful piece of art, thank you. :]

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Tiny Progress Announcement

On the weekend of the 18th and the week of the 27th, I will be on my birthday vacations and may not be able to work on Fleshchild. I’m not sure if this will affect the v0.02 release, but I am giving everyone notice in case it does! Thank you for your patience.

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nyooor → do you have a personal blog? O:

Maybe! :]

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peodev → blt, the story of fleshchild will go continuate? or will stop on third member?

I am not quite sure what your question is, but I will give you as much information as I can!

The update for Fleshchild, number 0.02, will come in a few weeks. If it does not, my job or my birthday plans may have stopped the release. I will finish Fleshchild, but it will take time. Fleshchild will be considered “Finished” when it has an ending.

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kermaidklol → Is there anywhere we can go if we have a lot of spare time and are interested in beta testing?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking? When beta testing begins, I’ll probably open a skype group chat for the beta testers to share their findings and talk with me about the game directly.

But, testing will not begin until v0.02 is ready, so I need to finish all the things on the progress list before that will happen.

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mrbonamana15 replied to your post: Progress Update 2: Fleshchild

What all is involved with being a beta tester?

A beta tester is a person who plays the game from start to finish, and tries to find bugs or glitches the creator may not have noticed during development.

The best beta testers are people who don’t have much experience with the game itself, because by sheer curiosity new/relatively new people might happen upon bugs that people familiar with the game may never encounter. If you’ve played Fleshchild a lot before, you may breeze through all aspects of the game and not notice anything, because you already know how to do everything. If you’re new to it, you might examine everything, try to force your way past locked doors or blocked areas, etc, and probably run into bugs.

However most people reading this blog are quite familiar with the game so I’m looking for very observant people willing to go the extra mile. Try to break the game, pretty much!

When beta testing begins again, all beta testers need to be able to communicate with me. I can open a skype group chat (easiest for me) but there are other ideas I have depending on whether people can use that messenger or not.

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Progress Update 2: Fleshchild
I’m here after a little more than a week to tell everyone about the work that has been done for Fleshchild v0.02 so far, and what I plan to have done in the next couple of weeks:

To Do -

  • Redraw all cutscene art
  • Get beta testers; new features in the game might have caused some bugs in the rest of the game
  • Maybe: Finish up other animations for the effects, might save it for v0.03

Completed -

  • Program the effects
  • Visi’s base animations for her effects
  • Vice’s base animations for his effects
  • Vice and Visi can toggle both running and puddling in the real world
  • New instruction cards explaining running and puddling
  • Title cards for each night
  • Special mini cutscenes for reading documents (newspapers, journals, etc)
  • Intro cutscene art
  • Brain cutscene art
It seems that as I work, more things to do are added on! It’s only natural for an in-progress game, but I hope everyone appreciates the status update.
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Mini Progress Update

Both Vice and Visi’s effect animations for v0.02 are essentially done! Every effect will have an animation, though some of them will take some time to implement (will show up in l8r updates). Thank you for your patience everyone!

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always-with-headphones → man, I fucking loved Fleshchild :D I'm really excited to play the full version and see how the story will unfold. It was such a unique and interesting style <3 keep up the good work :D (sorry for the bad english, and I love Vice <3)

Thank you! The full version will take some time to get to but I hope until then the updates will suffice!

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