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ophiuchimuku → what do you mean by reliable contact information? are you simply talking about anything you can easily contact one with? (btw do you have any specific date you will be open for beta testers?)

Reliable means yes, easily contact someone AND I should expect a somewhat prompt reply from them too.

When beta testing begins I will be busy a lot most likely, but I always have time to check up on my testers and talk with them about their progress. If a beta tester can’t reply/hold a conversation within a reasonable amount of time, that’s no good, because strong communication is important for the testing phase.

Pretty much, if one is thinking about becoming a beta tester, but they feel they’ll be much too busy to spend much time playing the game and talking with me, they should not apply. Everyone’s lives are important and different and I won’t ask a person to take time out of their affairs for beta testing if it is inconvenient!

And I do not mean to sound rude, but for the fourth time: Beta Testing will open when Fleshchild 0.02 is ready to be released. I do not have an exact date for either event, because I do not release exact dates. However! I will make an announcement a good 3 days to a week in advance when it is time.

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I couldn’t think of a name for this one, but I felt like doing another piece of fan music for Fleshchild. I imagine something tense is happening, such as a chase scene of some kind.

(I also fixed the download for The Flesh Mother, so anyone who wants to nab it can do so now. Whoops!)

:000 TWO songs? You’re killing me! Everyone please take some time out of your day to give Miss Noyemi’s music a listen if you like everything she’s made for FC so far. If anyone hasn’t been caught up to speed yet, she is also a developer who has made games for rpg maker, along with her own coded games, so give those a look as well!

One song was a pleasant surprise but now I’m completely flustered! Thank you so much Noyemi. c:

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Song: Fleshchild: Flesh Area (Remastered)
Artist: Nitrosparxx
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And here’s another revamped tune for the new Fleshchild rework. I was aiming to make the beginning flesh area have an eerie, yet alien atmosphere to it.

Now now now let’s not get too crazy giving everyone all these songs! What’ll they have to listen to when 0.02 comes out?


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cainthesane → If you don't mind me asking, how does one become a beta tester for fleshchild? I'm interested in doing it, and have never played it either.

When I am about to release v0.02 I will hold enrollment for beta testers. This means sending me a private ask/submit with reliable contact information, preferably a skype username as well.

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Song: Fleshchild: Title Screen (Remastered)
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Well, since Fleshchild is getting reworked, I felt it was only proper that it gets a reworked soundtrack as well! I gotta say, I do very much like how this came out with the added sound effects and what not. Anyways, hope you enjoy this remade title screen theme, and be sure too look out for other remade tracks as well. 

And with the new theme, a new title screen will be sure to follow! Thank you for being such a wonderful partner in all of this Nitro and I can’t wait to work with you more on FC and other projects. :3

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Fan music of Fleshchild!

The game really does have a pretty good soundtrack, it’s quite dark and a bit… cozy?

Oh wow, I really like this! I think how you described the game’s soundtrack, actually fits this song perfectly. If it’s all right with you, I might even include it in the game itself. :0

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eldritchxion → speaking of beta testers and glitches, here's one: if you take off your body parts before going to bed, you'll wake up with them on, but you can also still retrieve them. very minor glitch but just pointing it out.

Thank you! I’ll check it out while I work on the game today. I know there’s some problems with the body parts when it comes to cutscenes, but I’ve forgotten all instances of it occurring whoopsss.

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whimseyfaesong → Have you ever considered the possibility that the brain Vis gets is a former employee of Sitismos Sciences who willed their body to the labs, and this could become relevant towards the end as Visi/Vice slowly gains humanity?

There are a lot of possibilities I have considered regarding Vis and their inhumanity/acquired humanity! I think your idea is quite interesting, to say the least. There’s a lot planned for the game still, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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aeroplanestouchthesky → Hello! I don't mean to be asking for any spoilers, but is appartment room 308 supposed to be able to be opened? It doesn't have the yellow light under the door, which usually indicates a key may be used on it, yet I don't think I've missed any secrets that would lead to a key.

Sorry for the late response, I don’t know if you’ve found the answer to your question yet either, but here we go: parts of the game change depending on whether you’re playing as Vice or Visi, and that is one of them. :]

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whimseyfaesong → How do I participate as a beta tester for Fleshchild? I know the basics of RPG Maker 2003 and can even suggest fixes as I find the bugs.

When version 0.02 is ready to be shipped out, I’ll open up enrollment for beta testing. Beta testers will submit their reliable contact information to me, and I will choose the best candidates. The best candidates are people who are familiar with rm2k3, and have little experience playing Fleshchild. They must be curious and willing to push the game to its limits. People selected as beta testers will be given the game beforehand, and are required to play the game start to finish. Any sorts of bugs, glitches, or errors they encounter or create must be reported to me alongside a screenshot if possible.

Encountered bugs are bugs that appear simply trying to follow the sequence of the game, such as a door not opening when it’s supposed to, or an item being stacked in the inventory, or sprites not changing when they need to.

Created bugs are bugs made by the player trying to break the game. Moving  during cutscenes, or entering cutscenes while in different forms (puddle, sprinting, body parts or none) is an example. Trying to get past blockades, forcing themselves ahead in the plot, or getting through a puzzle without passing the required flags, etc.

Normally I conduct this over group chat on skype so beta testers have access to each others’ findings, and it’s all in one location I can check back to often. If that isn’t possible, I have other solutions to getting everyone together.

In any case, v0.02 is almost ready so enrollment shall open relatively soon, depending on circumstances!

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