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What are you TIRED OF SEEING in Yume Nikki Fangames?

Updated: 2013/4/18 12:27pm

Here is the list! I can always add on to it, so keep sending your thoughts if you have them!


  • Forced Scares, Jumpscares - A cheap way to scare a player. [[If one is absolutely needed, use it sparingly]]
  • Main Character Is A Murderer/Depressed Person/Mentally Ill Person/Psychotic Person - Overused personality traits that are intended to be the defining part of the character in order to make the game spooky/creepy/scary/deep. [[NOT fan theories]]
  • Edgy Backstory - The main character is a killer, the main character is misunderstood, the main character’s parents are dead, etc. [[The reason these types of backstories are disliked is because they are often not done well.]]
  • Scavenger Hunt Plot - The game’s plot (if there is one) is explained in small, hard-to-reach chunks that are vague and don’t give more details on the main character. [[If the plot is meant to be explained vaguely, feed the players a lot more of these subtle hints rather than hiding 3 diary pages/vague plot points far away]]
  • Hikkikomori -Never leaving the hub room (bedroom, house, apartment) is overused. [[Some people would like something to do in the “normal world” parts as well]]
  • Overuse Of Eye Motifs - A lazy way to creep out/scare people, common scary movie/game trope. [[Not everyone hates eye motifs, but a good amount of people would like to see something else]]
  • Overtly Spooky/Scary Things - Blood and gore everywhere because they’re “scary”, instead of properly building up a frightening atmosphere. [[Imagine someone dumping fake blood and plastic brains everywhere and calling it horror]]
  • Games With No Central Theme - None of the worlds or effects connect with an overlying theme. [[YN has loneliness, 2kki is a true dreamer (all dreams are random, like real life), .flow has disease]]
  • Pointless Sexual NPCs/Things/Areas -These themes are thrown in just to make the game “deep” or “controversial”. [[If the game must have these, players would like it to actually affect the game theme; see above]]


  • Madotsuki Clone - The main character is a super basic recolor or slight alteration of Madotsuki’s sprite. [[Not all players dislike Madotsuki sprites, but they would like to see a lot more diversity, unique features, or styles]]
  • Mazes/Hell Mazes - Large and confusing, inconvenient, feels like they’re just there to “be like Yume Nikki”. [[Players don’t want to feel stuck and lost in mazes, there should be a way to go around them/avoid them]]
  • Rave/Neon Worlds - They are in almost every fangame, but none of them are unique or interesting. [[If one must be included, players want more than just flashing floor tiles that make noises, try to spice up the formula]]
  • Copying YN Worlds - Having a broomstick scene just because YN did, having a hell maze just because YN did. [[If the game must have them, players would like them to actually mean something; see Central Theme above]]
  • Large, Empty, Blank, Looping Worlds - Huge and inconvenient, especially if it is hard to find the speed effect/player walks slowly. [[A world with no content is a world that should probably not exist, unless it is skillfully used with the Central Theme]]
  • No Landmark System, Too Many Landmarks - See above + forest worlds. [[Most forest worlds just have the same trees everywhere, divide it up with unique objects like flowerbeds, benches, or patches of dirt paths.]]
  • Unplanned Design - All of the worlds/effects/whatever feel half-complete, haphazard, thrown together. [[Some players would like evidence that the game was carefully constructed and thought out; see Central Theme, No World Diversity]]
  • No World Diversity - All of the worlds are open and empty, all of the worlds loop. [[Add in contained locations such as buildings or unique non-looping areas to spice up the game]]
  • Blinding Colors/Poor Color Scheme - Unless there’s a good reason, sudden garish and bright colors screw up the color scheme. [[Nobody needs to know color theory to a T, but watch it using neon yellows and greens, or colors that look bad like red with green]]
  • Too Much Silence - Music is hard to find, but if the whole game is silent it’s not very good. [[Silence is ok for certain mood-establishing points, or logical situations]]
  • [Too Many] Dead Ends - Areas that are super deep in the game, and have no way out except to backtrack. [[Extra bad if the main character is slow/there is no speed/warp effect]]
  • Blatant Fangame Shout-Outs - Throwing in very obvious references to other (popular) fangames just to get attention. [[References aren’t necessarily bad, but players are tired of seeing fangame galleries or other really obvious references]]


  • Chasers - Incredibly overused or blatantly “scary/spooky”. [[Not everyone dislikes chasers, but perhaps be more mindful of how they are used]]
  • Impossible Chaser Sequences/Infinite Chasers - Imagine a world full of chasers just meant to be obstacles, and not specific events or plot points. Take away speed, take away warping, take away invisibility. [[Tons of chasers with no way out makes exploring very inconvenient, especially if they are already aggressive]]
  • Invisibility Effect Doesn’t Work - When an effect made to make the player invisible/”untouchable” to chasers still forces the players to warp away if they touch/are touched. [[Either make the areas they can use the effect in very big, or just don’t let this happen. I personally dislike it too.]]
  • Scavenger Hunting - The only reason the worlds exist is for players to scour them for effects. [[While effects are fun to find, worlds that look interesting/are enjoyable to explore are important too]]
  • Nothing Interesting to Look At/Do - See Scavenger Hunt above. [[Games don’t need a million features, but think of ways to make exploring the game enjoyable, such as adding puzzles, character interactions, observations, etc]]
  • Overly Long Cutscenes - Cutscenes that are static, cutscenes that take too long to sit through, cutscenes with sub-par graphics, cutscenes that cannot be skipped. [[Not a very big problem right now, but if there are cutscenes, they shouldn’t take five years to complete]]

Updated: 2013/4/18 12:27pm

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